Re: How I do BLW breakfast

I said I would report back if my "homemade baked beans" experiment is successful. OK, I have done it twice, and DS did pick up and eat a small portion each time because he didn't want to disappoint his PaPa who cooked badly.

I soaked a small cup of canelloni beans overnight, boiled them for 20 minutes and then put into a vaccum pot for 6 (or 8?) hours. The beans came out quite soft. For the sauce, I used chopped tomato, brown sugar, lemon juice, butter, vegetable stock, and a little water, and heated them until the sauce was quite concentrated. Then I stirred the sauce with the drained beans and heated everything again.

I am still experimenting different proportions of ingredients.

Next time I may try navy beans or soya beans instead, and may add onion, mustard and egg (and pork or bacon?).

(Warning: I've heard that anything acidic and salt [though I haven't used salt above] must never be added to the beans until the end for they will toughen the skins of beans and make them never get soft.)

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