On Soy Milk

This morning breakfast DS played with his cup of soy milk again and half of the content was poured on the floor. At first I was a bit angry (well, after eleven months of baby-led weaning I expect him to have some table manners), but immediately I thought of a good way to handle the situation.

Because I wanted him to know the intrinsic value of maintaining a clean floor without blaming him, when I unfastened him from the high chair, I told him that why pouring the milk on the floor was wrong and asked him to wipe the dirt with a cloth, WITH me. As expected, DS was willing to comply, and we made a good wash. DS didn't want to stop wiping!

Yes, my method might be considered a mild consequence from a "discipline" model, but it was also a meaningful activity which was appreciated, done and shared by us together. By reminding myself that we should always be on the same side, hopefully I can determine the real priorities in our shared lives, and can avoid the problem of punishments and/or external rewards which both necessitate a top-down pushing/ coaxing/ coercive approach that is always distrustful of a child's own abilities and motivations.


arthritis said...

Research has shown potential health benefits of soy in preventing breast cancer, preventing and slowing prostate cancer, and fighting heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and kidney disease.

Life through the Slim Lens said...

Great way vto deal with spilt milk. I'm a bigg fan of lets sort it together & Monster now loves sweeping and the dustpan & brush!

Franklen Choi said...

Thanks for your comments and terribly sorry for late reply!!!!