Preloaded Chopsticks

DS (tomorrow 9m) never allows us to spoon-feed him since day 1 (6m) of starting solids. He is also not very keen on using a spoon. However, recently we've found that if I use a pair of chopsticks and hold some rice in front of him (and say, "Do you want rice?"), he wil grasp the chopstickes (while I am still holding them in position) and quickly (yes very quickly ) put the ends into his open mouth. In this way, he can feed himself 7~8 very small lumps of rice each lunch (total volume not exceeding one level tablespoon I think) before he stops.

I have restrained myself from putting the chopsticks directly into his mouth. If DS doesn't grasp the chopsticks himself and open his mouth for the rice, I will move the chopsticks away. I have also tried to tell him this is "rice" each time (though I don't know if he understands!). So far rice is the only food I've held for him in this way.

I guess it's because he knows that spoon is not our usual "cutlery", but chopsticks are (Ms. Rapley doesn't mention this cultural difference in her book :-).

So just as many people use preloaded spoons, I use "preloaded chopsticks". But, since I am holding them for him, do you think I am still violating the principle of BLW?

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