Last evening, DD (our baby girl) suddenly had a convulsion (seizures and loss of consciousness due to unknown reasons) and DW immediately took her to the hospital and stayed there overnight. I was guilty unable to accompany them, as DS was having a fever and I had to prepare materials for the lecture in the following day.

Both kids are fine and they are now sleeping well. We had a difficult moment last evening - DD's condition was scary and we had a moment of feeling like we were losing her, but fortunately we (at least I :-) were not panic. Since her convulsion was not associated with fever and the blood test results were normal (not, e.g. meningitis) we still wondered why she suddenly lost consciousness. We only know that she had sudden abnormal discharge of electrical current in the brain.

Yet, both the doctor and we suspect that she has epilepsy, but it can only be confirmed by brain scan which will be conducted in a public hospital later. And we know that if this happens again, we need to place her safely on the floor and protect her from bumping into the ground. It may be a blessing in disguise, because Socrates, Caesar, Napoleon, the composer G. Gershwin, the singer Prince, and Beethoven and Newton were all said to have epilepsy :-)

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