Re: Preservatives in bread

Reporting back our progress....

Finally we decided to buy a bread machine. So, we can skip cow milk powder (we use oat milk powder instead) and of course there is no more preservative problem and we can monitor the salt level too.

Initially I was hesitated of this step because I had had no knowledge of bread making (I am only good at dishwashing), but ...

On that day ... at 8:00 am we brougt DS to the kitchen, and let him watch how we shaked the loaf of wholegrain rye bread out of the machine and sliced it. Then we offered him a little bread to see his reaction ... his first bread in his life ... his eyes were shining! We immediately put him in the highchair and ate together!

We have made our breads three times since then, and served them as breakfast. DS loved our breads so much that he kept on asking more of them, whether it's with butter, nut butter or just plain!

Nothing comparable to the joy of watching a baby eating and loving good food, esp when the food is home-made.

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