"Baby-led Toothbrushing"

I have started cleaning DS's gums with a gauze-wrapped finger since his sixth month, and everything was fine. Later, when his first tooth appeared in the 7th month, I changed to a finger brush, and was still OK...until last week. Suddenly, DS didnt want us to brush his teeth. Toothbrushing became a battle...(changing his diapers is already a war - just like everything else done TO him)

...until I bought him his own tooth brush (He always excitedly looks at us when we are brushing our teeth in the morning). When he is happily "brushing" his teeth and opening his mouth, I quickly insert my finger/another brush to complete the cleaning.

DS now has six teeth. Every teething is a torture to us three (we cosleep)...as the pain or itch would wake this ultra sensitive baby up every 30 minutes. This means a dozen awakenings at nighttime. Poor DS....

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