Fleas, help!

Recently we are attacked by fleas. Our feet are their targets. This has aggravated the sleeping problem of DS.

We suspect they are due to the poorly-installed wood flooring of the house we rent, and the fleas are activated by the recent very wet weather.

We have tried to lower the humidity by using air conditioning and a dehumidifier, and vaccuming the floor very often. However whenever we put DS down for floor play he will get several bites. And everynight the fleas just "jump" onto the bed and bite our feet (you know we are co-sleeping)!

I have placed natural flea deterrent (galangal powder in socks) everywhere, but the fleas just move from place to place around the house.

When I walked past the supermarkets they sell "flea fumigators/ flea fogger". But I am very hestiated to use these poisons.

So besides galangal powder what we can do is covering the ground with a play mat.

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