DW, you've made it!

To improve breastfeeding skill, DW sought help from a La Leche League leader, Sarah Hung. She was so kind to invite us to go to her house and practise. Thank you, Sarah.

We discussed about attachment parenting, co-sleeping, etc.

I don't worry this would "spoil" the baby as what many people believe. I consider this the best way for a child to develop hsr sense of security, trust and the capacity to love.

Although I had found tons of information about breastfeeding on the internet for DW, she was still not confident enough about her self-learning skills. Also I wanted to know whether better latch-on could be attained to reduce sore nipples and feeding time, especially when DW was feeding on her right breast or lying down position, so I encouraged her to consult. Because her previous skills were not bad (better than what some nurses have taught I think ;-P ), she made it after receiving just some guidance. She was so happy.

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